Summer Food

Eating healthyDuring the summer months (June through August) Youthful Blessings is a contracting entity with the Department of Agriculture, serving nutritious meals to youth. We provide nutritional, healthy, balanced meals to children at no cost.

If you are interested in sponsorship for the children in your community, call us today. Participation in the summer food program is free under the Department of Agriculture guidelines. Or, call us to find out more about our college readiness, tutoring and other programs we host. CALL TODAY at (214) 924-5482


Why Youthful Blessings?

  • A variety of nutritious food provided each day that meets guidelines of the Federal Government Food Program
  • Serve 2 of the following meal types:
    breakfast, lunch, snack, supper at any one site
  • Meals served by fun and energetic staff
  • Focus on a healthy lifestyle and the 3 E’s:  Education, Exercise, Eating Right
  • Organizational commitment to meeting the needs of children